Sarah Elizabeth Westfall



Sarah Elizabeth Westfall was born in Michigan in 1844.  She was the fourth oldest of six children born to Samuel DeWitt Westfall III and Elizabeth "Betsy" Kipp. 

Despite having a romantic relationship with James Rention in her youth, Sarah met Calvert Coleman and married him in 1863 when she was about 19 years old.  As a result, Sarah became a farmers wife.  She and Calvert had eight children during the first 20 years of their marriage.

It must have been a difficult life for Sarah.  They moved several times including one occasion which was due to a mortgage foreclosure.  Reputation in the community meant a lot back then.  So it must have been humiliating to her when in 1886 the local newspaper twice mentioned Calvert's problem with alcohol.

Sarah eventually became a single parent after she separated from Calvert sometime around 1890.  Her youngest child, Arthur Roy, was only about six years old at the time.  Sarah and Calvert divorced about 10 years later.

Sarah married James Renton in 1910.  Although he was tight with his money, James made sure that Sarah had a comfortable life with him.  James died in 1919. 



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