Sarah Elizabeth Westfall


Sarah Westfall was an eighth generation American.  She was born in Michigan, but the previous seven generations of Westfalls were born and raised in New York state.  Her ancestors lived in the colonies more than a century prior to the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Sarah's fifth great grandfather on her father's side was Jurian Westfall.  He was born in Holland in 1629.  At the age of about 13, his parents sent him to the United States to save the young lad from being drafted to fight in a war in Europe.  Although Jurian's family was then living in Holland, their ancestors lived in Westphalia, Prussia.  That area is now the province of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany (see map above)..

Sarah's maternal ancestors could only be traced back two generations.  Her mother was Elizabeth Kipp, who was born in New York and who died in Michigan.  Sarah's maternal grandfather was Walter Kipp.  He was born in New York in 1776 and he died in Michigan in 1846.  Elizabeth and Walter are both buried in Otisville Cemetery which is located near Belleville, Michigan.



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