Calvert Malcolm Coleman



The death certificate of Calvert Coleman indicates that his parents were born in Ireland.  It lists his father as Patrick Coleman and his mother as Bridget Hand.

The source of the information contained in the death certificate was James Pullen, a friend of Calvert who owned a mortuary and who handled Calvert's burial. 

After Calvert and his wife had separated sometime around 1890, Pullen arranged for Calvert to make money by doing odd jobs for people in Belleville.  When Calvert lived with his son Claud Coleman in Belleville in 1900, Pullen and his wife lived next door.  When Calvert died in 1919, Pullen paid for an obituary which appeared in the Ypsilanti newspaper and donated a burial plot for Calvert at Hillside Cemetery. 

Pullen's close connections are mentioned as a means of showing that Pullen was a close friend and not just a casual acquaintance of Calvert.  Therefore, it is likely that the information in the death certificate is reliable.

No records have been located to show when Patrick and Bridget immigrated from Ireland or where they first settled in the United States.  Nor do we know whether Calvert had any siblings.


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